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Confidence is the key to succeed in just about anything! The formula for success is confidence plus style. Clothes are made to help out with our confidence, and make ourselves look good. When we look good, we feel good. If you want to become CEO you have to look the part. These 10 dresses below are what you need in your closet to enhance your confidence and future. 

1. Business Meeting Dress

I know this dress can effect your whole day for the better!

It's simple, but speaks, "I can do this." This dress is for a day that you want to impress your boss. You can pair it with some nice gold jewelry, and a pump heel appropriate for work. You'll be ready to take on the day, and enjoy the night out afterwards.

I would recommend this dress to anyone looking to make a difference. It also has a nice pink touch to it that isn't too common now in days. You will stand out, and be your best in this look.



2. Leopard Bell Dress

The leopard bell dress speaks for itself. It's crazy what a cheetah print dress can do for you.

Animal print clothing has always been a powerful and stylish style. If you're looking to look and feel like the boss I would recommend this dress. You obviously wouldn't have to do much to it. I would add a gold necklace, and pair of stiletto or pump heels. There are an infinite amount of reasons why you should have this dress in your closet.

Here is one reason: It fits the executive look, and you will take over the day in confidence!

COLORS: One Color


3. Bell Sleeve Dress

Confidence is what speaks in the room before you do, and that is what this dress will do.

The bell sleeve style is fun and can make tasks at work fun. The sheer part in the sleeve also adds a little flare to your look. You can definitely add some gold or silver jewelry to make it pop more. Also, a pair of ankle or low pump heels would look great. This dress is professional and stylish all in one.

You can also wear your hair up or down for this look. Wearing it up will add professionalism and wearing it down will add pizazz. 



COLORS: Black, Red


4. Shoulder Hug Dress

Off the shoulder dresses are always fun to wear!

They're sexy but keep things in order which is important for work. They also make your day amazing because you will feel great in this dress. You can add some simple jewelry that will keep it elegant. A pair of pumps will finish the look also.

Stand tall in know that you will make progress and succeed in this dress. 

COLORS: Purple, Black, Green, Pink


5. Sexy and Sleek Dress

If you have sexy and professional all in one you have already won the day.

This dress is the definition of an executive. The split makes it fun, and shows just enough so that it stays professional. Also, the v-neck look adds a spunk to it and keeps it young and fresh. There is no way you can't make a difference in your confidence in this dress! All you have to add is a dainty necklace, nice earrings, and a low stiletto heel. A pair of pumps would also go well with dress.

Find out what this dress can do for you, and you will be astounded!

COLORS: Black, Blue, White


6. Strap Me In Dress 

Now this is the dress of the season. Do you have plans after work? You might want to make some after wearing this look.

Its a sleek, elegant style that can boost your confidence just by looking at it. The best part about this dress is the fancy straps. Its designed to add confidence to your style. A bracelet and stilettos would be perfect for this look. Also, if you do plan on going out afterwards make sure you wear hanging diamond earrings that will set this look off!

It's flirty, fun, and stylish. The first step in upgrading your self esteem would be this dress.

COLORS: Black, White 


7. Hug My Body Dress

If you are a person who love simplicity, I would recommend this dress.

It's simple and can be worn any and everywhere. For work, I would add a cardigan or sweater to keep it executive. It's an opportunity for you to be cute and simple for the day. To dress it up, I would wear a shiny necklace and earrings. Also, a pair of pumps or even flats would still make this dress pop. 

It's tight fitted and will define your curves. This is the dress you need in your wardrobe.

COLORS: Black, Red, Dark Gray, Pink, Gray, Blue, Green, Purple


8. Second Skin Dress 

 This is another tight fit dress that has some class to it.

I love how this dress is designed. Its perfect for work, and a night out to complete your day. The only thing I would recommend would be to wear a elegant necklace, and possibly some sort of professional sweater for work. A pair of stilettos, ankle strap heels, or pumps would be great for this look! 

This dress will align with your want for confidence. 

COLORS: Beige, Black


9. TGIF Dress

The name of this dress speaks for itself. It's an obvious confidence booster that you will have to add to your closet. 

The uniqueness of this dress speaks volumes! The off the shoulder striped dress will make your day run wild, in a good way. It instantly will give you energy and the confidence you are looking for to strike out all your tasks for the day. You can pair this with a simple necklace, and a pair of flats would go best with this dress. I would recommend white sandals. If you choose to wear a heel make sure its simple and goes with the flow of this dress. 

I know that this dress will change your life and uplift your spirits to get through the day.



10. Cutout The Noise Dress

This dress is professional, and will make people take you serious.

It something you can wear for work for a simple day. I would add a nice blazer and a pair of pumps. For jewelry you can keep it simple and add a small necklace. I would also advise you to wear your hair up to make it even more executive. It is the perfect length and stretches enough for you to be comfortable all day.

This is also the perfect season to wear it because of the beautiful weather. You will enjoy this sleeveless dress. 

COLORS: Black, Burgundy, Green, Red 


Deja Smith is a PR and blogging/social media intern for LadyBossBlogger. She recently graduated from Louisiana State University in December of 2018. Her dream job is to be a celebrity fashion photographer and to own a world wide fashion, inspiration, and travel blog. She's excited to be apart of this platform and can't wait to share her content. 

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