10 Of The Best Dresses For Work Parties

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Every woman needs a dress that she can party in for a work extravaganza. Whether it's a banquet, celebration, or dinner you should have something in your closet that best fits the event. Work party dresses should be professional with a taste of fun. It should be something that you don't normally wear to work. With these 10 dresses below, you will have a great time at your work party all while looking amazing!

1. Bold Floral Burst Dress

This floral print dress is perfect for having a fun night out afterwards after work. 

The red is an appealing color, and the flowers make it springy. Red is always a great color for a night party and I know this dress would be a good fit. All you have to do is add a pair of earrings, cute necklace, and wedges. Even a pair of flats would go well with this dress.

This bold colored dress is something you need in your closet as soon as possible!



2. Fit For Biz Dress

 The name of this dress speaks for itself. It's fun, flirty, and professional.

With this dress you can flow and go all over the dance floor at your work party. It has a charismatic taste to it and will make your night spontaneous. I would recommend adding really nice jelwelry to dress it up such as an elegant necklace and bracelet. Also, a pair of wedges would be a great match. 

You can be sure to win the night with your coworkers with this dress.

COLORS: Black, Red, White 


3. Denim Doll Dress

 This is a very executive, fun look! The jean style is naturally pleasing, and the split makes it a daring dress. 

It's also off the shoulder which is always in style. I believe that the only accessories you would need for this dress would be a dainty necklace and a pair of stilettos or wedges. To finish the look, I would recommend a really cute purse that you can tote all night!

This look is great for any type of event. 





4. Im On Break Dress

This off the shoulder, floral print dress is the muse for the Spring season.

Its playful and fun which would be a perfect match for your work party.You can add gold jewelry and a cross the shoulder purse as well. Some wedge heels, or a pair of ankle strap heels would go great with this dress. Its lovely and makes the night ahead of you something to look forward to. 

I can guarantee this is a hot commodity, and will make a difference in your night out.

COLORS: Black, Blue, Pink, Red


5. Little Black Lace Dress 

Lace is a great match for a fun night out.

This dress is where sassy meets classy. The open back is stylish, and gives this look an even more appealing look to it. I would recommend wearing your hair down with simple jewelry. A clutch as shown below would also be perfect as well. A pair of ankle strap heels would go best with this dress.

You will definitely own the night, and leave happy with this little black lace dress. 



6. Ruffle Me Down Dress 

Who doesn't love a good ruffle on a dress?

Ruffles simply make everything funner. This dress is elegant and the high low style makes it the perfect choice for a work party. Its professional, but its also teases your fun side. You can expect to dance all night in this dress!

I would recommend gold jewelry and an ankle strap heel. Also, wearing your hair down would keep it at a playful look.

COLORS: Black, Red 

SIZES: 1X - 5X

7. Side Swipe Dress

 The black side swipe dress is super attractive and is a must have.

Splits are always fun for a night out, and adds a sense of confidence. This dress has a variety of stylish tactics. It has the off the shoulder, split, and your back is semi out. Its absolutely great for a party at work. You can wear it with flats or strap heels. You will be dancing in this dress, so I would go with flats.

I would take my advice and get this dress for your next work party!



8. Work Party Dress

 This work party dress it just what we've been talking about!

This dress has it all. From classy, sassy, elegant, and fun to professionally executive. The velvet adds flavor to it, and would be great on a cool night. I would recommend some nice simple jewelry. Also, a pair of flats I think would look best with this dress. A purse or clutch would go best with this look, as you don't want to take away from its style. 

The life of the party is the definition of this dress and it should be in your closet.

COLORS: Gray, Pink, Blue, Black, Red


9. On The Job Dress

This dress is simple, but has fun to it as well.

The ruffle shoulder pads make it appealing, and very classy for the night. You can definitely wear it with a pair of nice stilettos or ankle strap heels. I feel that the stilettos would give it a powerful look. I would wear very simple jewelry because the dress already does a lot for you. Also, a pair of hoop earrings would look great as shown below.

This nice dress is great for any events at night!

COLORS: Blue, Black


10. Selfie Time Dress

The selfie dress is a dress you NEED to take a selfie in!

Off the shoulder is a touch of style that adds to this simple dress. You will love how comfortable this dress is as you will be able to do everything the night of your work party. I would add a pair of glistening accessories, and shiny ankle strap heels. The dress is simple, so you can dress it up in any way that you would like. Also, I would recommend wearing your hair down as well.

This dress will add to your confidence and make you shine! 

COLORS: Beige, Pink, Purple 


Deja Smith is a PR and blogging/social media intern for LadyBossBlogger. She recently graduated from Louisiana State University in December of 2018. Her dream job is to be a celebrity fashion photographer and to own a world wide fashion, inspiration, and travel blog. She's excited to be apart of this platform and can't wait to share her content. 

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