5 Spring Dresses To Conquer The Day

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As we transition into this beautiful Spring season, you want to also make your wardrobe fresh, breezy, and delightful. 

This is the season of positivity and enlightenment. The reflection of the beauty in spring should be in your clothes. 

These 5 dresses can definitely empower you to make a difference at work and be successful. The colors give you a burst of energy, and make you inspired to start the day off right. 


1. Little Bell Dress  

This dress is perfect for Spring because it flows wells, and has stretchy material. The color green also speaks the season and adds a joyous mood to the day.

 I would keep it simple and add a dainty necklace and bracelet to keep it professional. 

This look can easily enhance your day, and motivate you to stay positive and relieve unnecessary stress. 

COLORS: Blue, Navy Blue, Green


2. Tropical Bliss Dress

The tropical bliss dress is the perfect look for this season. The off the shoulder look is in for 2019, and makes fashion look easy.

I would wear a nice necklace with bracelets and rings. You can also wear your hair up or down with this dress. Either way it keeps it spicy. 

I would also advise you to wear a cute light sweater with ankle heels. It's a great dress for an outing after work!  

COLORS: Black 

SIZES: 1X - 5X

3. Spiked Crown Dress 

This dress is a great fit for work, and a day in the park after.

Its blissful and breezy look makes you want to take over the day in peaceful energy. I would recommend wearing your hair down with bold earrings. Also, a wedge would look great as well. 

I think that it's a fun dress to work in and gives your day a stylish appearance.

COLORS: Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow 


4. Floral Lined Dress 

This floral dress is elegant and full of fresh spring colors.

You wouldn't have to do much to add to this dress. The flower print already gives it an awakening feel to it. I would recommend wearing either a wedge or ankle heel to make sure it stays professional. 

I believe that you can wear this dress with confidence throughout your day and be efficient in getting things done. 

COLORS: One Color 


5. Bold Floral Burst Dress

I love how this dress is both powerful and fun! Red always sets the tone for strength and determination.

You can dress this look up in a variety of ways. For example, you can rock it with gold jewelry, hair down and a wedge heel. Another way would be with a strap heel, and a light sweater or jean jacket. 

This would be the perfect dress for a laid back day at work. You can definitely be ready to party after a long day in the office with this look. 



 Deja Smith is a PR and blogging/social media intern for LadyBossBlogger. She recently graduated from Louisiana State University in December of 2018. Her dream job is to be a celebrity fashion photographer and to own a world wide fashion, inspiration, and travel blog. She's excited to be apart of this platform and can't wait to share her content. 

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