7 Of The Classiest Dresses On A Budget

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Classy dresses are always a perfect go to for any event, especially work. You can feel both comfortable and sophisticated during your work day. These affordable dresses with a simple shoe or accessories will awaken your lady boss look. Check out these 7 classy dresses below. 

1.  Little Bell Dress

This little bell dress is an open sleeve flare dress where fun meets classy. 

You can wear a simple shoe, with dainty jewelry to not go over the top. I think adding a simple sweater would do too.

With this dress you'll be ready for a cute lunch break with a friend, and right back to work. It's also great for an outing or a comfortable setting after work. Either way its cute and professional.

COLORS: Blue, Navy Blue, Green


2.  Sexy Speaker Dress

This sexy speaker dress fits its name, as you'll be ready for an important meeting or performing the perfect pitch for your job.

Again, we have the open sleeves look with a v neck line and a solid color. You can either add a spicy necklace and a simple shoe, or a plain necklace with a fancy shoe.

I would also recommend a light sweater as well incase it gets cold. 

COLORS: Pink, Navy Blue


3. Professional Keeper Dress

This off the shoulder dress adds flavor to your day. It's perfect for a laid back day at work.

I would add a nice bracelet or watch and some fancy earrings to dress this look up. It's simple, so adding jewelry is a necessity. I would not add a jacket to this, as it might take away the off the shoulder look.

Overall, this is perfect for a relaxed day in and out of the office. 

COLORS: Green, Black


4. Sassy And Classy Dress

I love the pattern and ruffle bottom of this dress. Its both sophisticated and stylish.

With this sassy look, I would just add a simple bracelet and a very small necklace. A clutch is great enough as shown on this model. Also, a very simple black shoe would make it pop as well. 

You wouldn't have to do much with this look because it's already powerful. You can definitely conquer the day in this dress. 

COLORS: Black 


5. Meetings All Day Dress

This dress is perfect for a long day of meetings whether its with your fellow employees or clients. 

Its simple and doesn't need any necklaces as it has a high rise neck. You can add a charming bracelet and a bright shoe depending on the color of your choice. 

Its a great fall or winter look as you can also add a sweater or cute coat. Your hair being tied up would add an even more professional look to it as well. A simple nude or pink lipstick would brighten it up.

COLORS: Purple, Black, and Green 


6. Vintage Peplum Dress

This vintage dress is very stylish and fun. You wouldn't have to do much with this look, as it already speaks for itself. 

It doesn't need any jewelry added, but I would recommend you to style your hair up or down to match the antique way the dress is made. It speaks confidence.

I would also add a fun eye shadow and bold lipstick color to enhance it even more. A simple shoe would due and you'll be ready for any event that comes your way.

COLORS: Black, Blue


7. On The Job Dress

This dress is made to win over a great day at work. You can add a variety of different looks, dressing it down or up.

I would definitely add some fancy earrings to give it some extra oomph. If you add fancy earrings, definitely do a simple necklace. For the shoes, you can do a simple closed toe pump. I would also style my hair down to match the spicy look. 

You can definitely be ready for a fun outing after work in this dress.

COLORS: Blue, Black 


Deja Smith is a PR and blogging/social media intern for LadyBossBlogger. She recently graduated from Louisiana State University in December of 2018. Her dream job is to be a celebrity fashion photographer and to own a world wide fashion, inspiration, and travel blog. She's excited to be apart of this platform and can't wait to share her content. 

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