Dresses That Will Look The Best With Flats

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Wearing comfortable shoes are just as important as finding a comfortable outfit. The spring is the season for cute flats for work, with of course a stylish outfit. As we know heels aren't the most comforting choice of shoes, especially for work. With these dresses below you can still look flawless and enjoy your day with a pair of flats!

1. Best Of Both Worlds Dress

This dress slays professional and amazing ALL in one. 

Its definitely a dress you wouldn't have to do much to dress it up which is why it is a perfect look for flats. All you need is cute jewelry and a light full face of make up. You can also add a sweater to keep it executive. 

You get the best of style and profession with this dress and its something you need in your wardrobe! 

COLORS: Blue & White, Pink & Blue, Pink & Black


2. Boho Polka-Dot Dress

Now this is the perfect sunshine dress for the Spring season! 

Welcoming the beauty of Spring, this dress is great for any day. A nice pair of flats are a great match because it just simply wouldn't look right with heels. You can be sure to be comfortable in your tasks at work. The boho look adds flavor and simplicity. 

I would recommend wearing a cute necklace and your hair down so it will keep its fresh look. I think it's obvious you have to have this dress. 

COLORS: Orange, Yellow


3. Jeans On Friday Dress

This dress is simple and modern.

It has Friday written all over it, and a great choice to start off your weekend. Heels would look good with this, but flats look even better. Since it's such a simple dress, flats would finish the look. Your body would appreciate you for choosing such a comfortable, stylish dress. 

I know this is something that would make a positive impact on your day. Also, Fridays are awesome and your clothes should reflect your readiness for the weekend ahead! 



4. Look At Me Dress

Who doesn't love a dress that is simple but attracts attention?

This dress is elegant and would be a lovely addition to your Spring clothes. All you need is a cute pair of flats, bracelets, and a cute clutch. It fits the season and makes you look illuminating. Even if you plan on going out after work, you'd still be ready for the event! 

This dress will make you feel and look good. It gives you room to breathe and give you the energy you need for your work day. 

COLORS: Green, Navy, Yellow 


5. Simple Sales Dress

Simplicity is elegant. It will always be something that is appreciated. 

I think you will appreciate this dress. Its stretchy material gives you room to move during your busy day. The flats will provide you with the ability to do your tasks necessary. It is still stylish with a tight fit. All you need is dainty jewelry and a sweater to keep it professional. 

I believe this is a go to dress for any day of the week. You will smile in class and comfort all day in this look! 



6. Business Beach Dress

If you want to flow everywhere you go for your day at work, choose this dress!

It's the perfect dress for the Spring and Summer season. It is breezy and an obvious comfortable fit. A pair of flats would be correlate with the maxi look, and be comforting for the day. I would choose this dress for a relaxed day where you won't be doing much. You can dress it up with a nice necklace, and a cute medium sized purse.

I know this is the dress of 2019 because its a match for any event or day! 

COLORS: Army Green, Black, Blue, Red


Deja Smith is a PR and blogging/social media intern for LadyBossBlogger. She recently graduated from Louisiana State University in December of 2018. Her dream job is to be a celebrity fashion photographer and to own a world wide fashion, inspiration, and travel blog. She's excited to be apart of this platform and can't wait to share her content. 

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