15 Sleeveless Dresses That Will Pair With A Blazer

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Sleeveless dresses are great for events, especially when it's warm out! But if it's a little colder in the office or a chillier day than usual, adding a blazer can make all the difference. A blazer dresses up an outfit in a very professional way, here are 15 sleeveless dresses that will pair beautifully with a blazer.

1. Meeting Outline Dress

This peplum-shaped bodycon dress looks great with a blazer and without one.

The peplum shape gives off the illusion of a corset and a skirt, so adding a blazer can make the illusion of a whole outfit.

I recommend adding a white blazer to this look along with some white heels. White accents will really make this dress pop, and the blazer will make this look extra professional.



2. Sexy And Sleek Dress

This simple dress shows off a little bit of leg and is perfect to wear with a blazer.

The v-neck allows for plenty of room to add a chunky necklace or a scarf to add to your look.

The dress comes in blue, black, and white - adding a black blazer would work with any of the dresses, but adding a pop of color to the white or black dress would really do wonders for your look!

Pair with strappy heels for a night out or some flats for a long day at work.

COLORSBlack, Blue, White


3. Strap Me In Dress

Since this dress is a high neck, I wouldn't recommend adding any jewelry to the neckline. A blazer added to this look would amp up the professional aspect of the day.

It's always a good idea to add a pop of color for a blazer and some dainty bracelets and rings as to not overpower this look!

Heels would really amp up the look especially for a night out!

COLORS: Black, White


4. Lady In Lace Dress

This high-neck lace dress is absolutely beautiful to wear alone, but would look even better with a black blazer to accessorize the look.

Keep your hair pulled away in a topknot, this neckline and body speaks for itself!

Add a pair of solid color black heels for a professional look for during the day and an easy way to transition into the night!



5. Always Professional Dress

This simple velvet number will pair well with a blazer, especially when it's cold outside.

The velvet look is definitely one for the late fall and winter months, easy to stay warm in especially when paired with a blazer!

Adding some hoop earrings or a small necklace would add a little extra sass to this outfit as well.

COLORS: Red, Green, Blue, Black


6. Ruffle Me Down Dress

These ruffles will pair beautifully with a blazer!

This dress comes in sizes ranging from 1X - 5X and is a beautiful way to show off your curves. A striped blazer would pair with this dress, and adding some white heels would complete this look.

Add a red lip to really add a pop of color!

COLORS: Black, Red

SIZES: 1X - 5X

7. Look At Me Dress

This babydoll mini dress would look great with a blazer that adds to the accents of the dress. Adding a pink blazer to the navy dress with pink flowers would look incredible for this outfit.

Add a pair of nude heels or flats to this look - all of the different colors in the dress will have an extra pop if you keep the accessories a nude color.


COLORS: Green, Navy, Yellow


8. Party In The Back Dress

This backless dress is perfect for going straight from work to a night out with your friends!

Add a printed blazer over top of this dress while you're at work, add some heels and jewelry to match the blazer, and you're ready to rock it!

You can keep the blazer on for a dinner with some friends, or take it off for a night out to show the awesome back details of this dress!

COLORS: Red, Black, Green


9. Off The Job Dress

This asymmetrical dress is complete with a V-neck and an open back. This adds some extra sass to your outfit!

For work, this dress would be great to pair with a blazer. The asymmetrical aspect will keep the sassy vibes of the dress alive.

Add some heels to this dress to really accentuate your legs in this dress, and add a necklace to show off the v-neckline!

COLORS: Black, Green


10. Very Velvet Dress

This velvet skater dress comes in so many colors, you could add any kind of blazer to this look!

The fit and flare aspect of this dress would look even better if a blazer was added.

Velvet can be tricky to accessorize with - keep it simple! A plain black blazer and some bangles will definitely do the trick.

Add a nude lip and natural makeup, this will look great with any color of the Very Velvet Dress!

COLORS: Red, Gray, Blue, Black, Pink


11. Second Skin Dress

This simple strapless dress will pair great with any color blazer. It comes in both beige and black, so adding a blazer will keep you warm and be a perfect accessory.

The knee length aspect of this dress would be great with a pair of high heels. High heels will really lengthen out your legs!

COLORSBeige, Black


12. Simple Sales Dress

Another simple dress that would pair well with a blazer is our Simple Sales Dress!

The comfortable bodycon shape of this dress gives you the ability to wear it all day long.

This dress comes in black, so adding a colored blazer or a printed blazer would look great, add matching heels and you're ready for a day full of work AND a night out!



13. Peek-A-Boo Back Dress

Maxi dresses are a perfect option for when it's a little colder out.

Adding a blazer to this dress will cover up your back to keep you warm, and will keep this dress looking professional as ever!

Add some black heels like the model, or pair the dress and blazer with some flats for a long day at work.



14. Don't Tie Me Down Dress

This sexy backless dress is perfect for a night out, but also perfect to pair with a blazer!

The open neckline is a great place to add either a scarf or a necklace with your blazer. The multiple colors of this dress is a great opportunity to spice up the colors in your wardrobe!

COLORS: Black, Red, Green, Burgundy


15. Cutout The Noise Dress

This sideless dress is a great idea for a night out, but also perfect for work if you pair it with a blazer. This dress also comes in multiple colors that can spice up your wardrobe, so pair any color blazer with it!

Heels are a great option for this dress to ensure your legs look miles long! The bodycon style of this dress adds for a perfect amount of sass to your work day.

COLORS: Black, Green, Red, Burgundy


Carly Hancock is a blogging and social media intern at LadyBossBlogger. She’s currently in her senior year at Minnesota State University, Mankato studying Communication Studies and English Literature. She will graduate in the spring of 2019 and is looking forward to a having a future in writing or social media. She enjoys learning new things about beauty products and fashion, and Instagram is her favorite social network!

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