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Maxi Dresses That Will Add Some Fun To Your Day

Posted by Deja Smith on

Maxi dresses are the perfect start to the Spring season. They get your day going and come in all different types of textures, print, and designs. I know that they are a woman's best friend when it comes to an easy going day at work. With these 6 dresses below you can feel the difference between a day without a maxi dress at work and a day with one!

1. Business Mermaid Dress

This is the dress that you need in your closet. It's such a classy look that requires zero effort to look good.

The print on this dress is flourishing with a unique print. You can add some beautiful gold jewelry to make it stand out even more. Also, you would be able to wear heels or flats. I would recommend a nice pair of stilettos. 

A boss is the owner of this dress, and its something you need! It also adds a fun theme to your day.



2. Little Back Bow Dress 

This is the talk of the town dress. You can easily win over your day with this powerful look.

A laid back day at the office would be the perfect day to rock this look. All you need is a silver necklace, and a pair of ankle heels. You can even wear flats to keep it simple. It's a simple dress but speaks power. 

I think every woman would look amazing in this dress. 



3. Fit For Biz Dress

Now this is the dress of the season. Its free flowing, but ready for business.

If you want to have a great day and look good at the same time, I would recommend this dress. You can definitely dress this up a number of ways. To keep it simple for work or a similar event, I would recommend adding a dainty necklace. Also, a pair of wedges, ankle heels, or stilettos would look perfect with this dress.

It's the dress that is made for the spring season. Your day would instantly be all what you want it to be in this look.

COLORS: Black, Red, White


4. Go With The Flow Dress 

This is another dress that fits the easy day at work look.  

It's another simple maxi dress that would be great for a relaxed day at work. This dress gives you room to flow and go all day. I would add a few bracelets, and a professional pair of flats. Its the time to re up on your maxi dresses and this is the perfect start!

You will be ready for a night out afterwards in this look. There is no doubt this will improve the quality of your day. 

COLORS: Green, Blue, Green, Black 


5. Garden Goddess Dress

The definition of Spring is here!

This long sleeve floral print dress is ready for just about any event. This dress is both sexy and confident all in one. You wouldn't have to do much to make this look work. All you need is a dainty silver necklace, silver studded earrings, and a pair of ankle heels. You can also wear a pair of flats as well.

Wearing your hair down will add flair and lighten up the look even more. This is a dress that will only give you a positive result in your day. I would wear this on a important day to boost self esteem.



6. Undercover Boss Dress 

The undercover boss dress is a low-key, simple look.

It works for both work and play. I think the most you can dress this up would be with some stunning, simple jewelry. For example, studded diamond earrings and one bracelet. Also, a pair of flats would be the most suitable for this dress. 

You can be assured that work is all fun and games in this dress!

COLORS: Gray, Pink, Green, Black


Deja Smith is a PR and blogging/social media intern for LadyBossBlogger. She recently graduated from Louisiana State University in December of 2018. Her dream job is to be a celebrity fashion photographer and to own a world wide fashion, inspiration, and travel blog. She's excited to be apart of this platform and can't wait to share her content. 

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