The Top 10 LBB Guest Fashion Bloggers Who Would Rock Our Dresses

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Here at the LBB Shop website, we give you a myriad of options to choose from for work dresses, but they are always on the same models. We want to be sure we show some diversity in race, size, etc., so we have rounded up some of our guest fashion writers from the LadyBossBlogger site. The outfits our guest bloggers post on their Instagrams resemble the ones on our shop, so we recommend you check not only our dresses out, but also our guest bloggers social media pages!

1. Anyway You Want Dress

Our first guest fashion contributor is Samanah Duran. Samanah is British fashion designer and entrepreneur. In her most recent Instagram posts, she pairs a black and white polka-dot dress with either a white tee or a leather jacket. Looking on our website, we found the perfect, affordable substitute to her summer staple- the Anyway You Want Dress. We have lots of sizes and many other patterns/colors below if polka-dots aren't your style!

COLORS: White Flowers, Colorful Feathers, Leopard Print, Black and White, Polka Dot, Black, Blue, Red, Green


2. Sexy Ruffles Dress

 Julia Lam, founder of Tara&Co, posts a lot of beautiful photos of her travels on her Instagram. These pictures often include herself in the cutest dresses! One of her latest posts is during the Thai Festival on June 3rd in the trendiest, ruffled blue dress. It reminds me of our Sexy Ruffles Dress shown above. While we love the powdery blue Julia wore, we think this pink is more summer appropriate!

COLORS: Black, Pink, Red, Yellow


3. Vintage Lover Dress 

If you don't follow Nyree Nance yet, you need to start! Nyree, the founder and CEO of B.H. Grace Boutique, established this company to bring cute and comfy, modest clothes to women’s fashion. Her style reflects just that! It is casual and simple. Recently, she had posted a picture of herself in a button down maxi dress which reminded us exactly of our Vintage Lover Dress! Look at her profile to compare the two dresses and let us know if you think we were hit the mark!


4. Denim Doll Dress

Natalie Georgette helps consumers combat bullying through fashion! Plus, her Instagram aesthetic is to die for! In posts scattered throughout her feed she wears a number of outfits that are striped, so we found a dress we think will fit perfectly with her wardrobe. Do you guys agree? Let us know in the comments!


5. Leopard Bell Dress 

Sabrina Zohar, on her personal Instagram account, has two newer pictures that include a leopard print dress. Since it is not shown fully in either photo, we tried to find the best match for you-- our Leopard Bell Dress!

Sabrina is known for helping women prepare mentally for the rigors of entrepreneurship, so be sure to check out her account!


6. I'm on Break Dress 

Always looking for the perfect pair of earrings for your outfit, but can't find any? Well, look no further-- check out Lavish Leathers! On their Instagram page, Lavish Leathers often pair their earrings with floral dresses, and we think our I'm on Break Dress pairs well with a lot of their styles! Voila, you have accessories and a dress, so your outfit is finished!

COLORS: Black, Blue, Pink, Red


7. Shoulder Hug Dress

Kiera Renee, a first generation entrepreneur and celeb interviewer, has a sense of style that ranges from sporty to elegant. Some of her more chic pieces are off the shoulder dresses, and on we think she would look fantastic in our Shoulder Hug dress in black.

Don't like black? Then try looking at our green, purple, or pink versions on the shop. 

COLORS: Purple, Black, Green, Pink


8. Vintage Peplum Dress

 Sheila Johnson is a multi-talented model, wardrobe stylist, photographer, blogger, blogging coach, and social media lover. Which means her Instagram is near perfect. Our favorite post of hers was posted back on May 31. In the photo, there is a stunning cream, peplum dress. Though we don't have a cream colored dress of the same style, we have a black one which is just as chic! Take a look on our website, you will love it!

COLORS: Black, Blue


9. Spicy Rainbow Dress

 Liz Forkin Bohannon, the founder of Sseko Designs and a Forbes Top 20 Speaker, posted a vacation outfit photo that mixed both rainbow print and cheetah. How unique! Her vacation attire is cool and breezy, so we wanted to help you recreate the look. Try out this Spicy Rainbow Dress first, and then start to mix and match it with different patterns!


10. Business Mermaid Dress

Luisa Diaz is a TV host as well as pageant queen winner, so beautiful, longer dresses are essential in her wardrobe. Given the criteria we know of for crowned winner appearances, we think this dress would be perfect for her!



Claire Erickson is currently a blogging intern at Claire has just returned from studying abroad at the London College of Fashion and will finish her senior year studying retail merchandising back at her home university – University of Minnesota (Twin Cities). She will graduate in the spring of 2020 and is looking forward to having a future in buying, trend research, or planning. Besides Lady Boss Blogger, Claire’s favorite blog is Diet Prada!      

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