How To Make Backless Dresses Professional

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Backless dresses are perfect for going out for a night with your friends, but there's a way that we can make them look professional for the office and a day at work as well!

I like to add blazers to make a backless dress more professional, but you can add any type of sweater or jacket as well.

1. Off The Job Dress

This tied backless dress is perfect for a hot day when you want to go out with your friends at night!

To make it look professional, you could add a printed blazer or even a colored blazer to cover up the sexy open back aspect. The asymmetrical part of the dress will give off a sassy vibe alone with the added blazer!

Add some black heels to match the dress or heels that match the color of your blazer to add some more color into the look.

2. Executive Level Dress

This dress immediately commands a room with the strappy open back, and can definitely be dressed up to look more professional, or dressed down to look more casual.

With the fit top, a blazer would also pair well over this dress for use in a professional setting with some statement heels.

You could add a cardigan for a chilly, casual day with some sandals.

3. Very Velvet Dress

This mini velvet dress is easy to make look professional, but even easier to wear out for a fun night!

For the more professional look, I suggest a black blazer. This dress comes in so many different colors, so a black blazer would be very versatile with all the different shades.

Add some simple black heels to this look and you're ready for a day in the office.

4. Conquer The Day Dress

This comfortable backless dress could be perfect for any professional or fun event!

The back is a unique look-through that comes together in a tie and would be adorable to pair with some strappy heels for a night out with friends.

In order to make this dress look professional, you could add a blazer (like always), or even a pull-over sweater to really switch up the look from a dress to a makeshift top and skirt.

5. Party In The Back Dress

This unique backless dress can be dressed up for a night on the down, dressed professionally, or even dressed more casual.

For a night out, keep the open back and pair this dress with some statement heels. Slick your hair back in a ponytail so that all the attention is on the back!

If you wanted to wear this in a professional environment, a colored blazer is always a good idea! Add some matching heels and you're ready for work.

Carly Hancock is a blogging and social media intern at LadyBossBlogger. She’s currently in her senior year at Minnesota State University, Mankato studying Communication Studies and English Literature. She will graduate in the spring of 2019 and is looking forward to a having a future in writing or social media. She enjoys learning new things about beauty products and fashion, and Instagram is her favorite social network!

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