How To Wear a Velvet Dress The Right Way

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Traditionally, velvet has been worn around the winter holidays, so it is hard to continue wearing the fabric after Christmas without seeming like you're behind (fashion-wise). We don't want you to have to put those velvet frocks away for another year. Instead, we want to help you wear them in a new, inventive way so you can keep styling them year-round!

Be sure to read below to get all our fresh styling tips:

1. Always Professional Dress

The nineties grunge look is still on trend, so if you're looking for a way to make this dress less Christmas-y, then try wearing a flannel over the top of the dress with some black Converse. If grunge isn't your style, try wearing some white ankle boots to upgrade to a more modern look. 

COLORS: Red, Green, Blue, Black


2. Velvet Fashion Queen Dress

Silver and gold-- perfect colors for the holidays, but you can revamp this look from being formal holiday attire. Try adding a belt and leather jacket to complement the criss-cross neckline and to give the overall outfit a little bit of edge. 

COLORS: Blue, Pink, Black, Red, Grey


3. Very Velvet Dress

If you are looking to be super casual with your velvet dress, then try pairing it with crew socks and some fuzzy slides. If you want to dress it up a little more than that, try wearing a sweatshirt or T-shirt underneath this dress. If these options still don't work with your style, then wear a velvet blazer with this pink Very Velvet Dress, and embrace the fabric in all its glory!

COLORS: Red, Grey, Blue, Black, Pink



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