5 Velvet Dresses That Will Turn Heads

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We love and enjoy wearing one-toned colored dresses because it is the classic look of dresses, and even more so it could go with any type of design.

Colors and design are limitless and have always been constant, but a new trend has been on the rise to stir things up.

Classic looks have been amplified with the use of various fabrications; a standout fabric being VELVET!

Velvet Dress

1. Very Velvet Dress

Form-fitting top with a loose flowing skirt is perfect for a flirty yet comfortable look.  This style is one of those dresses that can be toned done casually or glammed out for any occasion. Also, great for a twirl pic or boomerang!

Colors: Wine Red, Gray, Blue, Black, Pink
Sizes: S - XXL

Velvet Dress

2. Velvet Fashion Queen Dress

This dress is striking because of the form-fitting bodice with an edgy neckline. A good mix of a choker and criss-cross neckline to make a simple dress into a knockout. So who needs a necklace when you got this all in one dress!

Colors: Blue, Pink, Black, Wine Red, Gray, Black 
Sizes: S - XXL

Velvet Queen Dress 

3. Work Party Dress

This off-the-shoulder dress is a great way to show some skin without showing off too much, it's just the right amount. This off-the-shoulder dress has a lot of flare yet appropriate for a work party. Pair it up with stellar earrings to accentuate those shoulders!

Colors: Gray, Pink, Blue, Black, Wine Red
Sizes: S - XXL

Velvet Work Party DRess

4. Wine and Dine Dress

Off-the-shoulder has been a significant trend for the past couple of years and does not seem to die down anytime soon. This is another off-the-shoulder dress, with a twist. The long pleated skirt is perfect for a classy yet sassy type of look!

Colors: Blue, Purple, Wine
Sizes: S - XL

Velvet Wine And Dine Dress

5. Always Professional Dress

This dress is the type we all need in our closet because of its simplicity but chicness. It's a streamlined pencil skirt dress that can be accessorized with anything. Wear it for a day in the office to a party after work. The possibilities are endless with this dress! 

Colors: Wine Red, Dark Green, Blue, Black
Sizes: S - XXL

Velvet Always Professional Dress

Gabriela Gutierrez is a social media and fashion blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger Shop. 

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